ManageEngine's Vacation Campaign is now Closed!

It has been a creative journey for us and our users alike with hundreds of them coming together to share their best shots of working with our help desk tool while vacationing at various geographic locations!

We are extremely touched by the emotion in all photo submissions and it makes us happy to know that we have touched the lives of our customers. All participants have been outstanding and we must say it was a tough call to decide on the winner. However, we have finalized on the winner with a voting system. It’s now time to reveal the winner!

Congratulations to ManageEngine Vacation Campaign winner, Mr Mikhail for bringing out the essence of the campaign through his picture and photo description. We hope that you thoroughly enjoy your trip to Hawaii!.

As Mikhail puts it, “The Wave is one the most beautiful parks on the Earth. ManageEngine helped me to be connected at the same time with the multi-million-old nature and client services - amazing and extraordinary at the both sides!"

For those who did not make it as a winner, we have something for you too! We have some special gifts to the top 2 best vacation shots. So keep an eye on your email to know if you are among the top 5 list!

Once again, thanks to all participants and we hope it was an enjoyable and interactive campaign to all!

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